Saturday, October 25, 2008

when the economy goes down

When the economy goes down, crime always goes up (no matter what the official numbers say), so a good knife might come handy ... of course, it's not just about personal protection - in many situations a knife won't help you - but it will make you feel better, more confident, and that always shows, bad guys will sense it and might find someone else to bother. Also, a knife always comes in handy - to open packages (I'm getting a lot of those), cut whatever there is to cut, I don't know, but you have to have a good knife.

I just recently got an EMERSON blade, model A-100, a true workhorse + a beautiful object. All Emerson knives are handmade and come with a lifetime warranty. They are also razor sharp straight out of the box, I shaved half of my arm demonstrating it ...

I also carry this one around as a keychain, very good little knife (also can be used as a money clip) - made by COLUMBIA RIVER KNIFE & TOOL ..... I use it pretty much every day. You start to carry it, and you'll see how you use it more and more.

I love this one too - GERBER OBSIDIAN - very good knife + it has a philips and flat head screwdrivers + a bottle opener ... Gerber knives are not that expensive and the quality is very good.


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