Friday, September 12, 2008

long long time ago

Digging through some old old stuff - this is from 1994 I think. I was obviously still searching for my own style, trying to emulate other photographers, I guess that's the way it goes. A good friend of mine was the best photographer in Serbia at the time, IVAN BUKUMIROVIC (he doesn't do photography anymore, which is a pity, so no website, no trace of him on the internet), he did 4x5 b&w negs, then scratch them up, draw on them and then print these big 30x40inch color prints .... he did all of that in his apartment, he had this HUGE 8x10 enlarger that took half of his room, JOBO color processor in the bathroom..... I looked up to him when I just started messing with photography, he taught me a lot.

So I took my YASHICA MAT 124G, went to the dumpster nearby and shot a couple of expired ILFORD HP5 rolls - then I printed some shots on heavily outdated FOTOKEMIKA paper and then used some bleach on them. It was fun, but that phase didn't last long, a couple of months max.
something recent:

my friend KOSTAS SEREMETIS @ Haze's bbq party

my wife + Kostas again



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