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You know what to do, when you hear the call Put on your boots and Harrington, and kick down that fucking wall

cockney rejects / oi oi oi

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Seeds are sprouting

Tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, beans, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, eggplant etc ...all organic, heirloom seeds; once the weather gets better, we'll transfer them to the backyard. Of course we'll use good dirt and compost (ground in Greenpoint is polluted, there was an oil spill here a while ago ...).

Planting and watching the seeds sprout is amazing, very relaxing; the whole process is also pretty easy, no brainer, and considering the quality of vegetables we'll get, priceless.

I'm not delusional, we'll be lucky if we can grow 10% of our food this year ourselves - but you have to start somewhere, at least it's the first step towards self-sufficiency.

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nami and maya

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shellac ss09 catalogue

just in from japan - the new SHELLAC spring summer 09 catalogue. A3 tabloid style, great selection of images, great print quality ... for this season we did a road trip from LA to Joshua Tree national park, then to Las Vegas and back to LA, it was a great experience. I especially liked Joshua Tree, when you are there you feel sort of a connection with ancient times. Of course, I hated Las Vegas.

(this shot is red because I forgot red filter on my lens and shot color with it ... )

(this amazing motel sign, just next to BAGHDAD CAFE, was left there to rust, what a waste; a piece of history sitting in the middle of nowhere)

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holga / milano

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several shots from Belgrade, Serbia


Me and Manfredi at the gallery in Milan. Photo taken by my friend Ale Formenti.

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bangkok gangsta

my friend DYLAN MADDUX emailed me this one he snapped at a party in Bangkok ...