Thursday, April 10, 2008

TIJUANA, where the Devil lives

I went to Tijuana a year or so ago with Dan and Brian from GARAGE MAGAZINE , to do a piece on the TJ UPHOLSTERY JOB, the urban legend - you go to Tijuana to get the cheaper upholstery job on your car, they stuff your seats with the dead dog and garbage ... so I flu to San Diego, they picked me up there and we drove to Tijuana.

If the Devil exists, he lives in Tijuana. It's exactly how you would imagine a border town - drugs, prostitution, VIAGRA and CIALIS signs everywhere, shady characters trying to lure you into strip joints or sell you weed ... while we were entering the town, I was taking some pictures from the car, cops spotted us and pulled us over, but it all went ok, they let us go. A couple of hours later, we were in a cab, driving through the red light district (one of many I guess), I was taking pictures of hookers from the car - the next thing you know, cops (THE SAME THREE COPS THAT PULLED US OVER BEFORE) pulled us over, took us out of the car, standard procedure - you put your hands on the hood, they frisk you, steal some of your money etc etc. They put us in the police car - so the 3 pigs are sitting in the front, 3 of us in the back - and started talking about how they were gonna put us in jail for a couple of days to wait for the judge, blah blah (we weren't that eager to go to the Tijuana jail, trust me on that) ... I said IT'S ALL MY FAULT, I'M SORRY, blah blah .... and then of course, they asked us how much money we had on us, we gave them around $200 + initially they stole another $100, so they let us go. Actually the main pig asked us how we were gonna get back to the hotel, we said we had no idea, then he gave us $20 back, stopped a cab for us, and send us back to the hotel.

That's Tijuana. Can I just say how happy we were when we stepped on American soil again? (after waiting for hours at the worst border crossing in the world - never been to Africa, they might have something worse over there)

Pigs took films from my cameras, but a couple of shots of prostitutes survived ...


Blogger marcus russell price said...

what about the tijuana upholstery job? was it good? bad? ugly?

March 10, 2009 at 11:49 PM  

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