Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Our friends live on the mountain of Kosmaj, in KORACICA village, an hour drive from Belgrade. He is French, born in Paris, she is from Belgrade but lived in Paris for 40 years. They came to Kosmaj to visit 8 years ago, and never left. It's obvious why.
We had a blast - amazing spaces, feeling of freedom, fresh air, friendly locals who took us into their house and served us rakija, chickens, goats, sheep, simple but great life. People who live there live a self-sustaining lifestyle, they produce their own food, brew their own booze, and just do some part time work for time to time.
Life is more physical, probably not easy, but people look happy and totally ok with themselves, they are kind to each other and to strangers ... complete opposite to the angry faces that you see in big cities, wheather New York or Belgrade.

We drove around a lot, went to the mountain top and then on the way back visited TRESIJE, the local monastery. One of the monks greeted us and invited us in, great great energy. As we were leaving the monastery, a little boy ran to my wife and gave her a flower laurel that he made ... very very very touching.

From here, life in New York feels like a bad dream, like a prison sentence. Anger, frustration, life that is about money and fame, and other ridiculous things. Do I feel like going back? ha, of course not. Who knows, I might just stay in KORACICA for a while. I wish.