Friday, April 10, 2009

maybe, maybe not, we'll see

This is what Adrian Salbuchi, Argentinian economist, thinks about the current crisis in the US. And for the most part I tend to agree.

In Serbia in the 90s, we went through a similar crisis as Argentina, we had hyperinflation, bank accounts were blocked and wiped out, currency destroyed and devalued ... I remember, at one point for my moms monthly pension we could buy two pounds of onions, or one liter of gasoline (which people smuggled from neighboring countries and sold on the street corners in soda bottles ...)

And it was tough - old people were killing themselves rather than slowly dying of hunger, suicide rates went through the roof, very heavy and heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, the vibe in the US is similar to that in Serbia in the 90s. enough said, watch the video.