Monday, March 30, 2009

CRO MAGS, EUROPA CLUB, greenpoint, brooklyn, 3/29/2009

Last night the CRO MAGS played here in my neighborhood and my friend John Joseph (the singer) invited me to stop by ... of course, concert kicked ass, I didn't expect anything less than that - buuuuut, I had a string of bad luck. Five minutes into the concert, someone kicked my on-camera flash and broke the mounting foot, so my big camera became useless due to extremely low light. Then I started using my point and shoot, that was ok for a while, but then my battery died. I was changing the battery in the middle of the crowd when some stage diver landed on top of me, so I dropped the battery and the battery cover ---- thank God I always have a little flashlight on my keychain, so after 20 minutes of searching I found the cover ..... so yep, I had good 15 minutes of shooting alltogether.

here are Mackey, the drummer and John Joseph Bloodclot before the concert

here are some concert shots