Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've been looking at RAVENS (or the Solitude of Ravens, whatever the name is...) online for a while and finally got a copy (reprint by RatHole Gallery Tokyo) a couple of weeks ago. It contains some of the best bird shots ever, really amazing.

But there are some weird shots in the book too, that in my opinion clearly don't belong there, like the fat naked woman, some weird explosion shot, etc etc. I would much prefer a tighter, all-bird edit.
I know there are some books out there (RAVENS being one of them) you're not suppose to question, but what the hell ...

Of course, no book is perfect - whenever I do a book and it finally comes out, there are plenty of things I would change. Things you simply don't notice while editing. Also, from the moment you finish the edit until the book is out, your vision changes, you look at your work in a different way. By the time a book comes out, it doesn't represent what I'm currently doing, how I currently see things ...

You can buy this book at DASHWOOD BOOKSTORE for $125 which is a pretty good deal, or you can look for the first edition on eBay, it goes for around 3 grand...


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