Thursday, December 25, 2008


The only things that I've been buying lately are cameras and knives (and a photo book here and there). I just got this beauty from EMERSON - it's called a SNUBBY, because of it's short blade. But that's exactly the point, the blade is legal to carry, it's razor sharp, and the handle is full size, so it doesn't feel like you're holding a pocket knife or some toy knife... as Emerson puts it "It can still pack a heavyweight punch". it has the EMERSON WAVE OPEN feature - a hook that catches the end of your pocket as you pull the knife out. So the knife is open by the time it's out of your pocket. It can save you a split second when you need it most.

amazing knife, a true piece of art, made to last forever - it's a must for every real man!

Check out how the EMERSON WAVE OPENER works - click here (the knife shown in the video is not a 'Snubby')

And here is the SNUBBY review I found on youTube