Wednesday, November 12, 2008

desert island etc

This afternoon while walking around the neighborhood with Nami and Maya, we came across a great local comic book store, DESERT ISLAND.
Really genuine and fresh selection of comics and art books, zines ... looking at all those comic books brought back memories, I was into comics a long time ago, but the whole thing for me ended with The Freak Brothers and Robert Crumb. The owner showed us some some new releases by some up and coming artists - that gave me hope that not everything is lost; there are kids out there doing their thing, and I SALUTE THEM. Although we'll still move out of this country, my daughter will not go to school here, no way.

I bought a couple of booklets by COLLECTION DANS LA MARGE, what they are doing is giving blank notebooks to artists they like, and publishing them however they fill them.

The first one they did was with the one and only DANIEL JOHNSTON, I love his art, pure energy, straight from the gut.

I also got this free comic newspaper, AOOLEU, from Romania, and I love it. Romania was a fucked up country while I was growing up, they were a part of The Warsaw Pact and had it much harder then we did. We were kind of in between Nato and The Warsaw Pact, leeching from both ... so yeah, these guys from Romania just sent copies to the owner of the store at their own expense, just to get the word out. And they did a damn good job. Again, no matter where you live, if there's a will there's a way. No excuses.


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