Monday, May 12, 2008


Digging through some old old prints here in Belgrade, full boxes and plastic bags of them ... most of them are crap; they were all printed here in my house, before I left for the US in 1998, my pre scanner/computer period. I never had a computer, let alone scanner before leaving for the US ... I didn't have a darkroom, so I would put a blanket over the window and set up in my bedroom. I used some russian, romanian, bulgarian, hungarian photo paper - you couldn't get anything decent here back in the days, and even if you could it was way too expensive.

This was in 1996 I think, there was a huge fire in the trolley bus garage near my house. It was rumored that the fire was actually arson, the communists who were in power at the time were trying to get rid of some incriminating documents.
Unfortunately I had only one roll of film :)

Off to Italy tomorrow - 2 days in Milan then 4 days in Tuscany ... already got fat from my mom's cooking here in Belgrade, can't even imagine what's gonna happen in Tuscany


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