Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A photographer friend from Belgrade gave me this camera as a present, and it's sole purpose has been to take ONE PICTURE A DAY of my daughter Maya since the day she was born. Just one. If it's out of focus, so be it. Actually sometimes I take a picture, sometimes my wife ...if we leave Maya with her grandparents for the weekends, we leave the camera there too, and it's their responsibility. It's a good camera, autofocus is a little too loud, but the lens is tack sharp. Very good.

At the end of YEAR ONE, we compiled all 366 photos from her first 12 months and made a book using BLURB.COM ... it's priceless; grandparents got their copies, and one stays here for us, actually more for Maya when she grows up.

There are several self publishing sites online, and prices are really reasonable. I might even do something on my own, why not. So many possibilities, and the quality is really good. Why wait for publishers to knock on my door - it would be good to do a limited edition every couple of months. Ultra limited edition. 20 or so. I don't really understand why people are not using those services more, but just whining about publishers. Well fuck it, do it yourself, again, if there's a will, there's a way. yep!